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The COLL-IN Story

COLL-IN in its current iteration is relatively new, but how did FUTURESoftware start working on this interesting vision in presentation technology?

    In 2012 large format touch-screens were all the rage and mostly presented with “air-hockey” or “snap” type games. There were precious few corporate use solutions on show. FUTURESoftware, at the same time, presented a solution which allowed "pinch and zoom" and live video capture from PCs and the handheld devices of the time.             However, the uptake in the business community was not there and FUTURESoftware moth-balled the technology demonstrator.

​      Fast forward to 2018 and a chance call-back from an existing corporate client with a specific request, got FUTURESoftware interested. They needed a 6.5m wide touch screen for corporate presentations, and could it be done? The team at FUTURESoftware pulled the technology demonstrator from the archives, re-packaged the software to the now well-defined and functional COLL-IN solution.

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Chris Fulton - CEO FUTURESoftware

      Up to date FUTURESoftware have a range of corporations deploying COLL-IN globally and have been able to offer Tables as well as Solo screen solutions to complement the awesome 6 x 3 video wall which became the COLL-IN Stage.


      The road map of new and exciting developments is well defined, while continuing to be engaged with clients, to offer bespoke customisation, improving their use-case experience and value add in how they create their corporate presentations.


      This story has only just started. Globally, companies are on board and continuing to build the COLL-IN community through our Partner Programme.

How would you add to COLL-IN to give your company the edge? Reach out to us to start the journey.

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