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Welcome to new level of presentations. With COLL-IN Solo you can harness all the power of

COLL-IN in a single screen. From a compact 55" up to 110" screens, the Solo can enhance your presentations or collaborative team meetings significantly.


As well as being able to pull in your traditional presentations, and annotate over them, you can also bring up web pages off-the-cuff, as well as any images, videos, even pdfs you have uploaded through the COLL-IN Web Portal.

Solo lets you invite teammates to join you in your presentation with its multi-touch ability. They can make notes on screen and pull up additional content, to make each presentation more engaging, interesting and packed full of the data you need to work from and develop.

COLL-IN is the new wave of live interactive collaborative presentation devices It is constantly being upgraded by our specialist team, to make sure you have the absolute best at your fingertips. We are always working on developing further beneficial capabilities based on regular feedback and suggestions from our COLL-IN owners and partners. 

Get in touch if you have any suggestions on how the COLL-IN Solo could be the perfect platform for you.

Key Features

  • Multi-touch collaboration

  • Save content and annotations for later review

  • Multi-device input

  • Full presentation slide-show click-through ability with the COLL-IN DH4000 connected

  • Full 4K screen with high speed hardware including Intel i7, Windows 10, 16GB RAM

  • Compatible with the usual devices with HDMI outputs - inc Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc

  • Output options for all commercial displays from 55 inch to 110 inches

  • Multi-touch interface


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