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Unleash COLL-IN onto the Stage platform to create a theatre-sized screen capable of everything the Table and Solo can do. This means multi-touch movement, annotations, interactivity and fully engaged presentations for the biggest audience yet.


     Set it up in your main meeting room permanently, or utilise the impressive expanse at your next AGM or conference. 


COLL-IN Stage can be set to work as an impressive demo area or shine as the main presentation screen for your whole event. Create visually stunning and memorable presentations that will keep your delegates talking until the next conference.


Connect up to 4 devices at any one time to allow multiple inputs on the screen. Anything your laptop is capable of, COLL-IN will present in all its 4K possibilities. This includes live video streaming, databases, PowerPoint presentations... the list is endless.

Control presentations as normal with your clicker, or on screen by connecting the DH4000, packaged as standard with all COLL-IN set ups. 


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