Partner Programme

       COLL-IN has been designed based on comment, criticisms, and ideas from our own internal teams and from clients around the globe.


     Becoming a COLL-IN Partner, either a re-seller or as a valued user, brings many benefits. We can not only offer early previews of the development team's work, but also offer customisation of COLL-IN for special projects or opportunities where an “off the shelf” solution is not the full story.


       The COLL-IN development team are highly trained and skillfully creative in their approach to developing the platform. To this end we actively offer clients a bespoke integrations service.   


       This brings a unique opportunity to take the standard COLL-IN platform and add-in features or functions that help your business to engage in better presentations, meetings, and collaborations.


     We believe this to be a unique offering with a value add unavailable elsewhere.


    How would you add to COLL-IN to give your company the edge? Reach out to us to start the journey.

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