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Recommended hygiene guidelines for your COLL-IN during social distancing


These are unusual times, and with COLL-IN being a fully interactive solution, it is necessary that we consider how this might affect the use of our COLL-INs. You will be able to experience the full capabilities of COLL-IN and stay safe in your environment, whilst following these easy guidelines.

Stay Safe

  • Keep a hand sanitation station near to your COLL-IN for all to use before and after interacting with COLL-IN

  • Keep at least 1m away from anyone else using COLL-IN Stage or Table together. We do not currently recommend more than one person working on a COLL-IN Solo at one time.

  • After every presentation or collaboration session, wipe the COLL-IN Screen with a tech-safe cleaning solution and a microfibre cloth but do not press too hard. Do not spray the screen directly. Spray the cloth first, then use that to wipe the screen clean, making sure you reach all edges and corners. 

  • We recommend the use of face masks while standing close to a COLL-IN Screen, though they are not always necessary if proper hygiene solutions are adhered to.

Please feel free to get in touch with any questions if you have them.

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