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Collaboration Solution for the Age of Content 

Encourage more engaging and efficient presentations and workplace collaborations with the COLL-IN suite of products. Powered by FUTURESoftware.

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The COLL-IN team specialises in providing solutions to any

presentation and meeting requirements.


4k 60fps table top touch screen

All-angle access. Single

screen collab. solution.

Up to 110" screen

Utilise multiple presentation content

assets at the touch of the screen.


Load up, move, re-size and annotate multi-media content

and webpages, making presentations,  meetings and

collaborative projects more engaging.

Multi-touch capabilities allow numerous team members to use at once.

Add to presentations as you give them.

Display and control traditional .ppx presentations on the COLL-IN canvas. Send to COLL-IN via live input from any HDMI compatible device. Save all annotations for later recall.

Get the team involved with breakout

sessions at their fingertips.


Share content with full COLL-IN breakout screens for further collaboration. Team members can add to, annotate and arrange for later discussion.  

We are constantly working on and improving COLL-IN. Become a COLL-IN Partner for full support access, maintenance, updates and upgrades throughout the life of your COLL-IN subscription.

COLL-IN is not an off-the-shelf product. It is constantly evolving and changing to suit its users and environment. Get in touch today to find out how COLL-IN could be THE answer.

take your presentations to the next level

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